Polygraphia Ltd was registered with the Companies Office in Auckland, New Zealand late in 1998. We are a small, family based company. We offer skills and experience and expertise built up over many years in the areas covered by our services. The Directors of Polygraphia Ltd are Dr Calum Gilmour and Mrs Raewyn Gilmour. Our qualifications for the services and goods we supply are as follows:

Dr Calum Gilmour has a PhD from the University of Auckland in Greek Language. He has specialised in the language of the late Hellenistic period – ie the period of the New Testament and the early centuries AD. He has worked with texts for many years in various languages. This has made him well qualified to edit and assess the work of others. He has a good understanding of the English language, of grammar and style and the way ideas are communicated. Calum Gilmour is responsible for the editing and layout of the documents produced by Polygraphia Ltd and for seeing them through the production process. He is also a keen photographer and these skills are useful in the large format printing products and the teaching resources marketed by Polygraphia Ltd. Many of the images used in Polygraphia publications have been taken by Calum.